GP - Lifestyle Focus (Also see General Practitioner)

Due to its importance, we highlight the "Lifestyle focus" as a separate service and discipline, although it forms part of the family practice at Oakmed.

Doctors are often seen as professionals who "must cure us", or fix a problem that has arisen, but we forget they are also there "to guide us" to healthy lifestyle choices, so that we can prevent many of the maladies that befall us.

We can become active partners in how our health unfolds over time, if we get advice on our health profiles, and if we took a serious look at how we managed our lifestyle.

There are always positive steps that we can take to ensure we sustain and maximise our quality of life. This may even include minor aesthetic aspects which could greatly affect the way we and others see ourselves.

For guidance on what positive steps - or lifestyle adjustments - you could make, please enquire from your family GP. He or she might also suggest other therapists who may specialise in areas that will enhance your quality of life and so also your overall health.

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