Sport Massage
Adele Hamman can be contacted on to enquire about her speciality. Adele does sports massage sessions at Oakmed by appointment, and Reception will be able to put you in touch with her. You probably know exactly what you are looking for, but we still add a link to an article on "Sports Massage" for those who are curious.,22661.asp

Other Programs

Under this item we include:

  • Special initiatives where weight loss is promoted.
  • Support groups and “outside” meetings that are just hosted here, and which may be “closed” or “open” meetings.
  • Presentations or talks offered by one or more of our “own” doctors to promote better understanding of certain healthcare aspects.
  • Any other matter of interest that we would like to raise and which can be of benefit to you.

These could change from time to time and the most up to date news will be on the desk at Reception..

Please phone 021 910 2825 to enquire about this.