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More about General Practice at Oakmed
Baby changing facilities
Wheelchair available at entrance
Wheelchair friendly facilities
Oakmed provides a quick and easy way to see a doctor in Bellville.
Or a physio, or any of the other practitioners we host. Oakmed has
a Central Reception dedicated to handling your different appointments and enquiries.
Regarding Appointments, BetYalife Courses etc.

For an appointment with:
• Dr Grant  Fourie (General Practitioner) (1)
• Dr Du Pré  Louw (General Practitioner) (1)
• Dr Marc  de Villiers (General Practitioner) (1)
• Marinda  Stander (Occupational Therapist)
Direct office number 021 910 4042
• Trixie Vlok (Physiotherapist)
• Leon Grové (Clinical Psychologist) www.levgro.co.za
• Lindie  Pretorius (Dietician)
For easiest access you are welcome to text or call her on 078 3294 891 for appointments. Will reply or call back if unavailable.
• Mike Fourie (Hearing Aids)
• Wendy  Christien www.integratedhealthsolution.co.za
• Dinky Proos Cardio Vascular Radiography
Please contact office on 021 910 0288
• Adele Hamman (Sports Massage)
• Jo Maré Wiese (Beautician) Also find her on the web for more info
  General Practice (1)
You will find a comprehensive family practice at Oakmed, where general practitioners Dr Grant Fourie, Dr Du Pré Louw & Dr Marc de Villiers provide a service 6 days of the week. Weekdays office hours, and then Saturdays until 12.00. Dr Fourie’s very popular Betyalife course is now offered online, and is incorporated into his treatment protocols. Visit his personal website for more information.Also see the Services tab for more information.
  Physio, Dietician, Occupational Therapy… and more
For a Physiotherapist in Bellville, a Psychologist or an Occupational Therapist, a Personal Trainer or a Dietician near Tyger Valley Centre… all can be found at Oakmed, and accessed easily. Hearing Aids related appointments or Weight Loss and Lifestyle management meetings as well as sports massage can also be booked here. All on 021 910 2825. Dinky Proos (Cardio Vascular Radiography) can be contacted at her office at Oakmed Centre 021 910 0288.
  How to benefit as much as you can from Oakmed...
Save 021 910 2825 on your phone under "Oakmed". Keep the whole spectrum of practices in mind. Enquire about "what's new" at Oakmed when you are visiting. It may be about a talk, a support group, or the gym. Or you might want to meet one of the practitioners if they are available at the time. It is all about you and your health needs, so please do not hesitate to follow up any uncertainties - either at Reception, or directly with your doctor or other health provider. Or simply browse the website for new entries.
  For more information
For more information on what you can expect from the different practices at Oakmed, please go to Services. The About us tab gives more information about the facility and the Gallery will give you an idea of how it looks and what you can expect to find at Oakmed. Please contact Reception on 021 910 2825 for any further enquiries. For Property related questions see Contact us.
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