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  HPCSA Registered
Dr Grant Fourie General Practitioner (1) *
About this discipline
Dr Du Pré Louw General Practitioner (1) * About this discipline
Dr Marc de Villiers General Practitioner (1) * About this discipline
Marinda Stander Occupational Therapist * About this discipline
Lindie Pretorius Dietician * About this discipline
Leon Grové Clinical Psychologist * www.levgro.co.za About this discipline
Trixie Vlok Physiotherapist * About this discipline
Mike Fourie Hearing Aids * About this discipline
Dinky Proos Cardio Vascular Radiographer * About this discipline
(1) Also see "Spotlight on General Practice at Oakmed"
Wendy Christien www.integratedhealthsolution.co.za See website
Adele Hamman Sport Massage * About this discipline
* When we designed the website, we wanted to provide a "link" here, which would take you to a page with a short curriculum vitae of the practitioner. It would then show qualifications, special fields of interest, and perhaps other hospitals or clinics they can also be found at during certain times etc, and we apologise for not having done so. Such information might include their personal interests like participating in marathons, photography or lecturing part time at university. In the meantime you are welcome to enquire at Reception about any practitioner, but more importantly, you are welcome to ask them yourself! Thanks for browsing our website, and for supporting us at Oakmed.
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