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5 December 2013

Commercial rights
We are pleased to announce that Oakmed has been granted permanent medical centre zoning rights! These commercial rights for the property were granted by the City of Cape Town after an almost too-good-to-be-true application process this year. The application went through without any objections throughout, and the final approval was granted the 4th of December 2013!

We see this as a huge endorsement of Oakmed, and the merit of our application. We gladly accept all responsibilities that come with the rezoning.

How does it affect me?
It really has no effect on anyone, or on the day to day operations. Patients, practices and other visitors to Oakmed will come and go as always. If we did not mention it specifically, no one would even have known about this event! But the rezoning serves to cement our position as permanent landmark medical facility.

It recognises the business nature of the property, and provides the assurance and peace of mind that Oakmed is an officially recognised and regulated entity. This has been the position for several years already, under the City’s “departure rights” scheme. What we have now achieved however, is to be granted formal and permanent recognition by the City of Cape Town.

Thank you!
Thanks for supporting us during this application process, and to everyone working at Oakmed. It remains our aim that everybody who enters Oakmed will feel better for having done so! A special thanks also to everyone supporting the practices here and for the trust you place in them. Please keep doing so!

Yours sincerely and with warm regards

MS (Dinky) Proos dinky@imaginet.co.za
HP (Klasie) Wassermann herk@imaginet.co.za 082 8222 770

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Special Thanks

  • Special Thanks to our consultant in this matter, Pierre Smit of Pierre Smit & Associates Town Planning & Development Facilitation. He has been most helpful in a relaxed and knowledgeable way. Qualities that go well with the philosophy at Oakmed!

  • We were also impressed with the way the Municipality (with all its departments via the Town Planning Department in Parow who “convened” the matter, right to the top three council meetings) handled our application. It is essentially a bureaucratic process, but it has been most fair and (almost overwhelmingly) thorough
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